Clean Water

Clean Water and Sanitation

People in rural areas of Kisii and Nyamira in Kenya, draw their drinking water mainly from surface sources such as ponds, rivers and lakes. These sources are often watering holes for livestock, downhill from latrines, and catchments for mudslide debris. Couple dangerous water sources with limited awareness and education of proper sanitation and hygiene techniques, and not having access to clean water can be life-threatening.

Women and girls spend up to 36 hours a week walking to collect dirty water for their families.  That’s the equivalent of four full school days spent on a walk for water carrying a heavy plastic water jerry can along dangerous roads where they are at risk for abuse and assault. Lack of clean, private latrine facilities stops parents from sending their daughters to school, particularly when she begins to menstruate.

Clean Water Gathering

Your kind donations will help Hopes for Kenya, provide access to clean and reliable water across Kisii and Nyamira counties through drilling of boreholes and laying of pipes for clean water all across the villages to ensure everyone has easy access to the water.